Precision is our passion.

Our profession is to ensure extreme precision for linear motion. We specialise in providing threads for the most demanding tasks in all variations. It makes no difference whether a single item or mass production is required.


The specialist for precision threads

We love challenges. We use our wide-ranging expertise to develop customised solutions based on your specific requirements and application. With first-rate quality, reliability and precision.

Fascinating Precision.

Ballscrews convert rotary motion to linear motion. Balls are the anti-friction element between the ballscrew spindle and nut. Ballscrew dynamics and positioning accuracy primarily depend on the accuracy of production and the technical implementation of the stipulated tolerances.


Advantages of ballscrews over leadscrews

  • No axial play
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Low heat generation
  • High efficiency
  • Very high traverse speeds
  • Long lifetime
  • No stick-slip effect

We are looking forward to your challenges.