Karl Hipp restructured the company, a wood processing business, into a metal processing business in 1969. At this time, a local tap drill manufacturerwas looking for more space and additional personnel resources, which Karl Hipp and his employees were able to provide successfully with their high level of commitment.

This collaboration continued until 1975. Thereafter, the company returned to being its own, independent enterprise. The contract manufacturer for thread grinding work quickly built its reputation all over Southern Germany. In 1986, the facilities were expanded for the first time with the construction of a new hall with a production area measuring 600 m².

This established the foundation for the complete production of precision leadscrews and our main product precision ballscrews.

Due to the constant growth in production, the premises had to be expanded at regular intervals. With the final construction stage in 2003, the entire grounds available were developed. The company employed 45 members of staff on a production area of 1800 m².

The construction of a completely new building in the “Kleineschle” industrial area in Burladingen, Germany, in 2012 established the foundation for the successful development of the company Karl Hipp GmbH. The move in 2013 to a large, climate-controlled production hall has provided us with the best conditions for manufacturing high-precision threads. Today, the company employs 70 staff.